Welcome Statement: AG FReDi

Jörg Wackerhahn

Spokesman for the Association of 
Fire Services in Emergency Rescue
(AG FReDi) of AGBF Bund



Dear colleagues,
dear visitors of Rettmobil 2019,


the German rescue system, consisting of full-time and voluntary personnel, proved itself again last year, both in forest and area fires as well as in the snow chaos in Bavaria. The knowledge and experience gained in these operations also must be incorporated into future operations planning so that we can continue to meet the challenges of the future.


With the "Restructuring of Emergency Care", the Federal Government has initiated a major reform of the health system, which will also have an impact on emergency rescue and patient transport. As a service provider, we must play an active role in shaping this process.


In recent years, Rettmobil has developed into a major event in the rescue service landscape, and this trend is growing! Due to the presence of organisations and associations, it is also ideally suited for visitors who are looking for a professional challenge in the rescue sector or who want to volunteer. We are ready, please speak to us!


AG FReDi as representative of the fire brigades active in the rescue service in Germany therefore gladly accepts the conceptual sponsorship again in the year 2019 and takes part in the professional advanced trainings and exercises.


I wish the exhibitors and all visitors a good and interesting time at the fair, stimulating discussions and many new ideas and contacts. At the same time I cordially invite you to visit us at the stand of AG FReDi!



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